That was the out­come of the Little League World Series on Sunday, anyway.

You know, I’m not an MLB fan. And I don’t have any kids to get involved in Little League. Still, I like the Little League games a lot more than I do MLB fare.

Photos after the flip to illus­trate why.

Sportsmanship, Little League-style.

Here’s how the two com­pet­ing teams cel­e­brated their sports­man­ship in the LLWS this week­end. They actu­ally look like they’re glad to be there, don’t they?

Sportsmanship, MLB-style.

Here’s how it’s done in the major leagues. I don’t know if it’s the scowl, the prison tatts or the shitty mes­sage on the shirt, but some­how fun doesn’t quite seem to be there, does it?

Home run, Little League-style.

Here’s what a home run looks like when you’re a kid. Greatest moment in his life? Possibly, unless he had a girl­friend wait­ing to wel­come him back home. I think this was the boy who said he felt like he was flying.

Home run, MLB-style.

Here’s what it looks like when you’re Barry Bonds.*

No, of course he’s not dop­ing or anything.

One of the goals of Little League is to pro­mote the idea of sports­man­ship and fair play in the youth involved.

I can only hope they don’t grow up to be in the big leagues.


* He will always be aster­isked in my mind.


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