Ha ha, made you look. No, of course not.

The Swedish car­toon­ist at the cen­tre of a row over draw­ings of the Prophet Muhammad says police have taken him to a secret loca­tion for his own safety.


The pur­ported head of al-​​Qaeda in Iraq has offered $100,000 (£49,310) to any­one killing Mr Vilks.

Religion of Peace, huh? I’m begin­ning to seri­ously con­sider the like­li­hood that no reli­gion is a true reli­gion of peace. Even the “peace­ful” ones like Buddhism have his­to­ries of holy wars.

Mr Vilks said the Swedish secret ser­vices con­sid­ered the threat against him as “very serious”.

Yes, given how ratio­nal Muslims tend to be,

Calm, peaceful Muslim demonstrations

I can see the rea­son for con­cern. They’re cer­tainly not a peo­ple known to fly off the handle

Calm, peaceful Muslim demonstrations part 2

for no good rea­son; nor per­form — or pre­pare to per­form — irra­tional, utterly inhu­man acts

Calm, peaceful Muslim demonstrations part 3

in the name of fur­ther­ing their cause. So if they’re pissed off, it’s got to be over some­thing really seri­ous. Certainly not a car­toon or any­thing triv­ial like that.

Fortunately, we in the Good Old US of A not only know bet­ter, but are on a cru­sade mis­sion com­mit­ted endeavor to offer God’s Gift of Freedom to the back­wards Muslims, who are noth­ing like our good Christians.

Westboro's Legacy 1

Nope, noth­ing like them at all. We take our rea­sons for damna­tion seri­ously!

Westboro's Legacy 2

Certainly quite ratio­nal, you know — and absolutely against the idea of indoc­tri­nat­ing chil­dren in the lan­guage of hate and fear.

Westboro's Legacy 3

Yeah, God bless America.


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