The right-​​wing foamers’ full frontal assault on twelve-​​year-​​old Graeme Frost was clearly insuf­fi­cient to slake their lead­ers’ need for the blood of chil­dren. More recently a tod­dler named Bethany Wilkerson has fallen under attack — more specif­i­cally, her par­ents’ deci­sion to give birth to her.

The cap­sule ver­sion of the very good fisk­ing on Orcinus is (1) Don’t abort, (2) Don’t have unin­sured chil­dren; in fact, (3) Don’t have sex.

What baf­fles me (and lib­bish blog­gers like me) the most is how the right-​​wing asstards can, on the one hand, claim to be “pro-​​family” while, on the other hand, be so obvi­ously anti-​​family.

Of course it’s not really about fam­ily, and I dif­fer from the post on Orcinus in one respect. I don’t think it’s about sex with the right­ies; I think it’s about author­i­tar­i­an­ism, their spe­cific, strong brand of it. They sim­ply want the world to adhere to their rules and be white, Christian, het­ero­sex­ual, gain­fully employed, mar­ried with Dad in the work­place, Mom in the home tend­ing for the three tow­headed, home­schooled chil­dren, every­one kept so busy keep­ing their eyes on Jesus that they won’t have time for ques­tion­ing of or dis­sen­sion against the government.

I see another fight loom­ing on the hori­zon, though, pre­saged by an arti­cle from the Beeb about a new ver­sion of con­cep­tion con­trol, a pill that may or may not be avail­able in ten or so years — and that doesn’t use hor­mones at all, but rather does some RNA hack­ing instead to pre­vent sperm from pen­e­trat­ing an egg entirely.

RNA inter­fer­ence is a way of “silenc­ing a gene” to stop it work­ing prop­erly, and the researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have iden­ti­fied a gene called ZP3 which is active in eggs just before they are fertilised.

ZP3 pro­duces a pro­tein which allows the sperm to bind to the sur­face of the egg. If this pro­tein isn’t there, the egg can’t be fertilised.

The Boston team “silenced” the ZP3 gene in mice, and found they could not get pregnant.

The down­side is that RNA inter­fer­ence — mind you, this is actual gene tweak­ing going on here — can have unin­tended side effects, but researchers point out that the tar­geted gene appears to be active only in fer­tile eggs, nowhere else. Thus, obvi­ously, a lot more work will need to be done to fig­ure out if the damned thing is safe, let alone reli­ably effective.

Why I see the ban­ners in the dis­tance, given the his­tory of both Plan B and HPlV inoc­u­la­tions in the US, should be pretty obvi­ous. Plan B, you might recall, began as a morning-​​after style pill that would be avail­able with­out pre­scrip­tion to pretty much any­one who wanted it. Under extreme pres­sure from the reli­giously deranged, it even­tu­ally got lim­ited to women 18+ years of age. There’s no med­ical rea­son for this; it’s just what the right­ies wanted. That was all.

Yep: Authoritarianism.

HPlV inoc­u­la­tion was sim­i­larly fraught. It’s stun­ning how many peo­ple oppose it. And while the vac­cine might not pre­vent all forms of HPlV infec­tion, it def­i­nitely offers pro­tec­tion against some, and you’d think some pro­tec­tion would be seen as more desir­able than none at all. The right­ies, though, seem to believe that HPlV inoc­u­la­tion is the same as endors­ing sex out­side of mar­riage. To their typ­i­cal author­i­tar­i­an­ism we can add their spe­cific piquancy of sex­ual anxiety.

A good friend of mine recently had his daugh­ter inoc­u­lated. She’s not even of high school age yet. Is he telling her, in essence, go out and screw as much as you want? Or is he instead (1) inter­ested in pro­tect­ing her for life against a few STDs; and (2) pos­sessed of a real­is­tic under­stand­ing of teenagers?

Assuming hur­dles known and unknown are sur­mounted, the RNAi con­cep­tion con­trol pill is cer­tain to raise the hack­les of the god­dishly retarded. Not because it may be an effec­tive con­tra­cep­tive — but because it may take the health risks and mis­ery out of female repro­duc­tive choice; and as any­one who’s read Genesis knows, the Daughters of Eve are doomed to be cursed for­ever with agony and sor­row for hav­ing the temer­ity to be born female, just like their duplic­i­tous, evil grandam, the Original Sinner guilty of lead­ing poor, help­less inno­cent Adam into the ways of temp­ta­tion and darkness.

And, if those feck­less women per­sist in hav­ing sex any­way, and hap­pen to give birth to chil­dren who are thought­less enough to even­tu­ally need med­ical treat­ment — what the hell. They deserved to suf­fer any­way, and maybe even should be hanged in public.

After all, they’ll defend — with lethal force, if nec­es­sary — anyone’s right to be born, but after that, you’re on your own, bucko.


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