• The Penis Monologues
  • Lose Weight and Get Stronger: The 2,517-day Diet Plan for Better Health that Involves Getting Off Your Fat Lazy Ass, Exercising and Eating Properly, Already
  • Car Repair for Dummies, or, Take it to the Mechanic, you Goddamned Cheapskate
  • The Anarchist’s Form 401(c3) Filing Cookbook
  • Hello, Larry: A Loving and Meticulous Revisit of Every Episode of the Classic Television Series
  • The Wonderful World of Sherwin-​​Williams Paint Chips
  • My Pet President: The Autobiography of Dick Cheney
  • The Joy of Sexually-​​Transmitted Diseases (Or, The Autobiography of Dick Cheney)
  • My Friend “Toe-​​Jam”
  • Seventy Years of Gold Mining: A Fully-​​Illustrated History of My Nostrils and Their Products
  • Michael Bay’s Guide to Subtlety and Plot in Screenwriting
  • Mother Teresa: Fucking Bitch

Got any of your own to add? Fire away!


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