After encoun­ter­ing this train wreck at Pam’s pad I real­ized we’re not doing enough to show the use­less cretins of the world pre­cisely what they’re good for.

I’m not refer­ring to the scan­dal of yet another GOP law­maker bon­ing men. I’m refer­ring to the twat-​​in-​​a-​​hat he was hump­ing. Just look at this assclown.

Dumb and Dumberer

Someone needs to tell Homobiscuit Cody here that he’s not thir­teen any more. It’s time to pull up his fuck­ing pants, screw his hat on straight and get An Actual Job™.

Better yet, let’s rec­og­nize his accom­plish­ments and give him the kudos he so richly deserves.

It should be noted that nei­ther dress­ing as a slum brat nor being a male pros­ti­tute is suf­fi­cient to merit a Soylie; it’s the com­bi­na­tion of the two that got him his chit. The Macho Tuff bull­shit expres­sion just knocked it out of the park.

For serv­ing no appar­ent pur­pose but to be a call boy, and for dress­ing like he thinks he’s (1) ghetto or (2) a seventh-​​grader, Cody Castanega is hereby awarded the first-​​ever Soylie. May he always live up to its full value.


Way to go, you utter waste of meat.

Anyone got any nom­i­nees of their own?


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