I really, really wanted to like this movie.

See, I’ve read Gerrold’s book, and it’s very good: Sweet, hurt­ing, rem­i­nis­cent, cute.

I knew, before see­ing the film, that a major com­po­nent had been com­pro­mised. I fig­ured, okay, well, how bad could it be?

I for­got that major com­pro­mises and minor ones tend to interdigitate.

This movie just didn’t know what it was about. Was it SF? Fantasy? Based in real life? Gerrold’s book, while as unclearly anchored in a few ways, at least man­aged to tell the story and main­tain a deep coher­ent purpose.

I want to talk more about this but I’m still assim­i­lat­ing how badly, ter­ri­bly wrong the movie was. How deeply and totally it swerved away from every­thing impor­tant in the novel it was based on.

Give me a day or two to digest this one. Even by my stan­dards, it’s an incred­i­bly dys­pep­tic lump to handle.

Meanwhile, if you’ve read the book and want to see the movie: Stop with the book.



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