It’s not what I envi­sioned when I was liv­ing in the brick house, but it doesn’t suck. The walls are plain white, no Lego-​​inspired color schemes (but, you know, that’s flex­i­ble); there’s a bunk bed, a bean­bag, some book­shelves (pre-​​stocked already with a few decent titles, but await­ing his tastes), a dresser, some stuff on the walls.

The pride of place­ment is the torchiére in the cor­ner, which has a lava lamp fix­ture in its shaft. I mean, how could I not? Lava lamps am teh kewl.

Remember when I men­tioned the infes­ta­tion of stuffed ani­mals? You didn’t think I was jok­ing, did you?

Except here it looks like a Night of the Living Stuffed hor­ror movie…


A dresser, with globe, boxes and a coin bank. The bank is pretty neat. You drop a coin in, and it rolls and clat­ters, and deposits it (usu­ally cor­rectly) into its des­ig­nated slot.

And here, in the closet, Legos. Of course. Legos. And an AirZooka too, and a cou­ple elec­tron­ics kits. I didn’t include the sadly empty space over­head with open hang­ers, await­ing his clothing.


(This was all done with my $15 FlatCam. I really like using the Nikon D50, but it’s at work. Sigh. BTW and FTR, I know there’s a kind of hid­den duel going on in the dig­i­tal SLR world — buy the Nikon. You’re not just get­ting the name. The optics and CCD are superior.)

In odd moments I catch myself going into his room, rat­tling through the draw­ers for no rea­son, open­ing and clos­ing the closet, flick­ing on the light, look­ing out his window.

It’s a too-​​quiet space. It needs a laugh, a bois­ter, an ener­getic lit­tle kid bounc­ing on the mat­tresses, mak­ing a fort.

Making it alive.

And, when it’s very late at night, some­times I sit on the floor by his bed, and won­der what it will be like to have him there, sleep­ing calmly.

My lone­li­ness will not, can­not be assuaged by a child. But with a child, yes, my life will have a mean­ing I think it has lacked.

Yoshi boy: Come home.


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