I am pretty stoked right now. I just learned that my freshy-​​ordered Mac Mini is about to ship.

So TF what, right?

Well, I’ve been stag­ger­ing along here with an iBook, a 600 MHz machine with 640 MB RAM,* for longer than I care to admit. Well, actu­ally, I bought it new, and you can do the math and fig­ure it out for your­self. (If you groaned at half a fuck­ing decade, con­grat­u­la­tions on your prizewin­ning entry.)

My Mini-​​Mac-​​Me? 2 GHz, dual core, 2 GB RAM, and the damn thing is about the size of a DVD case for width and depth, three times that or so in height, and here’s the shit.

It has the same mus­cle as the machine I use at work, with three, and only three, exceptions.

  1. It maxes out at 2 GB RAM.
  2. Its video RAM uses sys­tem mem­ory too.
  3. It has zero inter­nal expan­sion possibilities.

Oh, but it comes with wire­less and blue­tooth, and did I men­tion its innards are fun­da­men­tally the same as what I use at work now in a 2.1 kilo­buck box?

If I’m very, very lucky it will arrive before my birth­day, 11–24. If not, well, what the fuck.

Because, you know, I also have Doctor Who Season Three on DVD now, which box case is about the same thick­ness as my soon-​​to-​​be mini, and no mat­ter what, the sec­ond half of November is going to be par-​​tay-​​tyme.

Oh, and I also did a lit­tle video thing for the hos­pi­tal for our year-​​end cel­e­bra­tion. Nothing worth men­tion­ing since by now it’s about in Jovian orbit: I knocked it waaaaaaay the fuck out of the park. If I remem­ber to I’ll post it.

No fear. I’m not manic. I plan to bring myself down heav­ily this week­end by see­ing Beowulf. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to the all-​​night tac­que­ria to do some­thing I’ll regret tomorrow.


* Really. Jesus.


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