As men­tioned before, I’ve been busy — as in the case of this post. For the December newslet­ter at work I thought it would be a “fun” idea to make a comic insert fea­tur­ing Dot and Lionel.

The sketch­ing wasn’t the rough part; fig­ur­ing out how to break up the actions was tougher. And the blue­line and ink­ing went OK too. Illustrator’s gap detec­tion, though, was sub­op­ti­mal in places; I had to add a lot of paths to get the fills to work, par­tic­u­larly on pages 3 and 4.

Still, I think the effect over­all is pretty good. The JPEGs of the comic fol­low the fold, with a link to the PDF at the bot­tom. The PDF is imposed to print on an 11 x 17 tabloid sheet.

(Oh, in the bot­tom left image on page 2, the kids are shout­ing “Banzai!” I was going for an over-​​the-​​top manga-​​style look there.)

Dot and Lionel Christmas 07 1

Dot and Lionel Christmas 07 2

Dot and Lionel Christmas 07 3

Dot and Lionel Christmas 07 4

Dot and Lionel Christmas 07 PDF, 780 KB


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