I deny after­life, rein­car­na­tion or rebirth. But…

I think I really am a Buddhist after all.

Because, you know, those four truths work, make sense; and the path just seems reasonable.

Besides, how hard is it for an athe­ist to align with a “reli­gion” that rejects the exis­tence of a soul while at the same time affirm­ing the value of life? A non­the­is­tic phi­los­o­phy whose founder said, in essence, that we are to accept noth­ing on faith; if some­thing seems like non­sense to us, we’re free to reject it? One whose major mod­ern pro­po­nent has said that, to the extent Buddhism dis­agrees with the find­ings of sci­ence, it is Buddhism which must change?

So any­way, I guess you could say I’ve got a hobby, and I expect it’ll be keep­ing me occu­pied for a while.

(I said it was a busy month. I did not say it was all work related.)


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