…well, if you’re a graph­ics per­son. Who likes to get his work done on a sta­ble OS. That doesn’t harass you all the time with dia­log boxes like a needy, attention-​​hungry child (I printed the file! I sent your memo! I installed the pro­gram! Do you like me? Can I please be even bet­ter? Huh huh huh?). And espe­cially if you dis­like viruses, Macs are better.

Anyway, each year the hos­pi­tal does a gath­er­ing for its employ­ees called the Snowflake Ball. Last year it was at the fair­grounds, and I put together a (sigh) PowerPoint slide show recap of the year. For this year, the gath­er­ing was at a casino out­side of Laughlin, and instead of a PPT we were asked to do a DVD. The request came from the casino’s side of the event; they were set up for video play­back but a PPT pre­sen­ta­tion would have been problematic.

Fortunately Macs have iMovie built in, as well as DVD author­ing soft­ware. (I know, a lot of PCs have that too, but the Apple tools are pretty quick to pick up and have a tol­er­a­bly use­ful set of features.)

The loop part was pretty straight­for­ward, but the title sequence gave me pause. It was some­thing that really needed to be seen with atten­tion, ide­ally just once for max­i­mum impact. It was decided to use that for the pro­gram opener rather than as a bit of eye candy run­ning in the back­ground form time to time. The piece I did fol­lows the fold; it’s a 3.1 MB QuickTime video.

Snowflake Ball open­ing movie (3.1 MB QT video)

It went over fairly well, which nat­u­rally pleased me. That’s actu­ally the first seri­ous piece of video edit­ing I’ve done in about fif­teen years.

Of course this leaves open the ques­tion of what I’m going to do next year, drat it all.


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