…how­ever, the news that Nickelodeon is con­sid­er­ing a show deal­ing with the sub­ject of sex and love just makes me groan.

Their absolutely ludi­crous treat­ment of the sub­ject of youth romance with the inane, point­less Naked Brothers Band alone should warn par­ents about the “value” of any­thing else Nick execs might have to say on the topic. And to make mat­ters worse, Britney seems to be in denial about the whole thing.*

As for the entire Spears family:

  1. I can’t imag­ine any­one being sur­prised by the news in the first place;
  2. What sort of a sad com­men­tary is it that the Spears are appar­ently dis­traught because they were rely­ing on Jamie to pro­vide the fam­ily with income — I mean, how hard is it to get a job at Wal-​​Mart?; and
  3. A sixteen-​​year-​​old girl is preg­nant. Under vir­tu­ally any other cir­cum­stance this would not be news; but appar­ently the topic of sex is just too del­i­cate for some par­ents to cope with. Parents who are wor­ried about talk­ing to their kids on the sub­ject might just need to do a lit­tle grow­ing up of their own first.

It appears the train wreck of the Spears fran­chise is just going to continue.


* Though, given her ten­u­ous grip on real­ity of late, this isn’t exactly sur­pris­ing either.


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