The hos­pi­tal here has an annual health fair called Kids’ Day, some­thing attended by about 800+ kids and their fam­i­lies. There are inter­est­ing exhibits, lots of infor­ma­tion from health ven­dors, and the kids can get their hear­ing and vision checked, as well as puppy shots. Given the rural set­ting, odds are pretty good that this is about the only expo­sure some of them get to med­ical treat­ment all year.

On the upside, there’s the col­lat­eral mate­r­ial pro­mot­ing the event. This year’s poster was much more solidly col­or­ful than last year’s was:

Kids' Day thumb

I’ve got the PDF too if you want to see it fullscale: Kids’ Day PDF, 950 KB

This began life, as do a lot of my draw­ings, as a blue­line sketch that I inked and scanned, then col­ored in Illustrator. LivePaint is sim­ply tha’ bomb. And since it’s vec­tor you can scale the image up pretty much infi­nitely with­out los­ing detail or quality.

In addi­tion to the main graphic I did a few “pic­tures” of Dot and Lionel to illus­trate some of the highlights.


Clowns (PDF, 315 KB)

Fire trucks

Fire trucks (PDF, 350 KB)


Helicopters (PDF, 465 KB)

Vision & hearing tests

Vision & hear­ing tests (PDF, 370 KB)

Hopefully the first image won’t dis­turb even the most colouro­pho­bic among the read­er­ship. (You can just Google that one your­self.) On the whole the Kids’ Day mate­r­ial is gen­er­ally my favorite; only in my first year here did I end up using clip art. (I’d only been here for about two weeks at the time. My style takes some acquaint­ing, and it was too soon right then, sigh.)

By con­trast, this was last year’s main piece:

Kids' Day 2007

Kids’ Day 2007 (PDF, 1 MB)

It’s fun, but a lit­tle spare com­pared with the riotous exu­ber­ance of the balloony-​​inflated-​​people art for 2008.

Wonder what 2009 will look like…


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