Ordinarily I don’t men­tion when I un-​​roll another blog, but I thought I should go into why I’m not fol­low­ing Pandagon any more.

The warn­ing signs came a few months ago when Amanda was still push­ing for Edwards. At one point in an entry, she was dis­pens­ing advice on how to affect pri­maries so Edwards would have a stronger show­ing — over­all a good idea, but her pre­sen­ta­tion was some­thing along the lines of, “Here’s what you should do.” In con­text, that should felt con­sid­er­ably more like an order than a sug­ges­tion, and it rubbed wrong.

Additionally, the com­menters on Pandagon often seem to have extremely low tol­er­ance for those who don’t line up pre­cisely with their views, which is ironic in any pop­u­la­tion that styles itself lib­eral.

Finally, though, she linked — with favor­able com­ment — to an arti­cle from the Village Voice that starts out by launch­ing low­brow and narrow-​​minded (as well as humor­less) cri­tiques at another blog which, frankly, I value much more highly than hers. I didn’t read past the first page. Willingness to appre­ci­ate diver­sity in voices mat­ters, and she seems to have lost sight of that fact.

If the lib­eral front is begin­ning to lose its sense of humor — some­thing that almost always hap­pens when­ever a sub­group begins to take itself too seri­ously, begins to get a lit­tle taste of power — I promise you that in a decade it will look pre­cisely like the con­ser­v­a­tive front does now: Angry, out of touch, and foam­ing with rage when things don’t go pre­cisely as desired.

Life is too short to waste on that kind of anger.


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