With increas­ing like­li­hood, that’s all there may be left to Hillary Clinton’s cam­paign as soon as next week.

In the face of demands from Clinton’s attor­neys that del­e­gates from Michigan and Florida be assigned to the New York Senator’s ail­ing cam­paign, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are urg­ing a final­iz­ing deci­sion after the last round of pri­maries on Tuesday.

The issue with Clinton’s argu­ment about count­ing votes from MI and FL is that she agreed, months ago, that those states’ votes would not count. Now, of course, she des­per­ately wants them to count — in her favor — using tac­tics that would cause Machiavelli him­self to cum in his pantaloons.

In Florida she won a major­ity; how­ever, in MI, all the other Democratic con­tenders had removed their names from the bal­lot. The result was approx­i­mately 55% for Clinton, with the rest being “undecided.”

She’d like to see none of the “unde­cided” votes being assigned to Barack Obama.

I don’t believe it’s misog­yny to protest against this. I seem to recall another pres­i­den­tial race wherein one can­di­date used every trick avail­able to try to take the elec­tion, leav­ing the nation deeply sun­dered — and it wasn’t as though he was actu­ally a good pres­i­dent, either, in the end. He was, in fact, the worst one in US history.

For Hillary Clinton to be pulling the same kind of three-​​card-​​monte game so suc­cess­fully won by Bush is not only sad, but a clear indi­ca­tion of the kind of lead­er­ship we could expect from a Clinton White House: About four more years of pre­cisely what the last eight have been.

And to change the rules in the mid­dle of the game, when doing so will tilt the out­come in your favor, is some­thing so under­handed and unfair that most of us stop try­ing it when we’re about six or seven years old.

Hillary: Pick up your mar­bles and go home, while you still have the home to go to — and assum­ing, of course, you have any mar­bles left to find.


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