I’m not beat­ing the drum for Barack, really I’m not. I liked Kucinich more than all the other can­di­dates com­bined. (Even more now that he’s read arti­cles of impeach­ment against the Retard in Chief. Really.) My objec­tions to Hillary were mainly rooted in the fact that, par­tic­u­larly in the last month or two, she behaved more like Il Duce in his insis­tence on enti­tle­ment than I believe even she realized.

But Jesus, is McCain out of touch.

According to the Wind Sock, Obama would be “bad for busi­ness”. Johnny wasted no time in pulling out the stan­dard buga­boos of Higher Taxes! and Slower Job Creation! and Sacrificing Infants to Baal!

Whereupon he reminded him­self what cen­tury he was liv­ing in, and struck that last part.

While not going into par­tic­u­lar details, MSNBC passed along the news that McCain was address­ing a group of “small busi­ness own­ers”. Where, and to what pur­pose, I sup­pose we’re meant to spec­u­late. But rather than point out the fact that the Fed, under Bush’s purview — and the aegis of lower taxes — has sys­tem­at­i­cally gut­ted the Small Business Administration,1 he chose to raise the spec­tre of increased taxes under Obama.

While it’s true that Obama would raise taxes on higher income indi­vid­u­als, he’s also pledged to lower taxes for many oth­ers, and to be frank, I don’t think many of us are par­tic­u­larly wor­ried about a boost in tax­a­tion on the wealthy while giv­ing the rest of us a break for once. It would be a nice god­damn switch from the last decade.

And the fact is that the borrow-​​and-​​spend Bush admin­is­tra­tion (which would obvi­ously only be extended under McCain), by refus­ing to acknowl­edge fis­cal real­ity, has crip­pled the Fed’s abil­ity to main­tain the national infra­struc­ture, let alone care for fel­low cit­i­zens in need — which is the osten­si­ble ben­e­fit from hav­ing a large, cen­tral gov­ern­ing body. There are nations all over Earth, some of them tiny and in this hemi­sphere, which have a pretty good grasp on that. Yet too many of us still hear­ken to blather that sounds good to the lizard brain, but is mean­ing­less when intel­li­gence gets applied.

It’s this cav­a­lier atti­tude to the real world which allows us to con­tinue debat­ing whether polar bears mat­ter while at the same time whin­ing about the costs of energy. It’s this igno­rance of fact which allows us to delude our­selves into believ­ing we’re doing Iraq a favor — or that we were jus­ti­fied in invad­ing in the first place — when it’s abun­dantly clear to the rest of the world that we’re sim­ply full of shit. It’s this damned idi­otic myopia which allows cer­tain Americans to drive SUVs with Support Our Troops rib­bons while ignor­ing the plight of PTSD-​​afflicted vet­er­ans, or over­look­ing the fact that many sol­diers are in their nth rota­tion of duty in a war which McCain him­self pre­dicts will run a century.

If this is the kind of busi­ness that Barack Obama would be bad for, all I can say is wel­come aboard, Mister President.


1. The SBA used to be pretty good about giv­ing loans to small startup busi­nesses, offered free train­ing and sem­i­nars, and gen­er­ally sup­ported American entre­pre­neurs. Under Bush, it’s all but dis­ap­peared. Who’s really bad for business?


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