Oh, those ter­ri­ble lib­er­als and their too-​​free plays on words. Fox News, the leader in unbi­ased non­slanted Actual Journalism, reported that while Jesse Jackson was say­ing he wanted to cut off Barack Obama’s nuts, he also used the other n-​​word when refer­ring to negroid negro dark black people.

The hor­ror, the hor­ror of it all! Damn those lib­eral blacks and their mock­ery of Political Correctness! Fortunately we have Fox to point out these lapses in judg­ment; with­out their staunch defense of polite, non-​​incendiary lan­guage, why, we’d soon be over­run with the ter­rors of gay men refer­ring to other gay men as fags, or women call­ing other women bitches, or, worst of all, pres­i­den­tial can­di­dates call­ing their wives cunts.


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