By focus­ing on a hereto­fore entirely ignored demo­graphic, Mentos (the Freshmaker™) — Brazil is forg­ing ahead into entirely unex­plored regions of demographia.

The prod­uct, dubbed Mentos Teens, appears to be tak­ing a tremen­dous risk by mar­ket­ing candy to teenagers. As though that tac­tic weren’t bold enough, they’re also attempt­ing to har­ness the mys­te­ri­ous power of snark to approach these new tar­gets on the adver­tis­ing horizon.

Using art­work rem­i­nis­cent of failed prod­ucts such as Garbage Pail Kids — a wildly unsuc­cess­ful attempt at sell­ing card­board chew­ing gum and col­or­ful stick­ers to pre­pu­bes­cents — com­plete with emer­gent “pim­ples” that are actu­ally col­or­ful chunks of candy, Mentos Teens’ images are cap­tioned with the phrase, It’s a Puberty Thing.

Concerns that teens will be wav­ing their “puberty things” in one another’s faces have been sum­mar­ily rejected by Mentos.

Images ganked from com​mer​cial​-archive​.com below the fold.





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