McCain, for want­ing to increase off­shore drilling in Florida, or Obama, for want­ing to send out a $1,000-per-taxpayer “emer­gency” rebate check?

Offshore drilling isn’t going to lower fuel costs in the short term. Reining in spec­u­la­tors might help. Oh, and not wast­ing petro­leum to fuel ground and air assault vehi­cles in the name of press­ing a point­less, end­less war.

Contrarily, the Bush “stim­u­lus”, an echo of what he did in 2001, was a shoddy idea; where’s the money com­ing from? Corporate wel­fare tax cuts are already so deep that our national debt is higher than it was even under Reagan.

So … Barack, where do you think the money will come from to pay for another grand per person?


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