Unnamed air­lines, accord­ing to the VFW, are charg­ing troops extra fees for the bag­gage they check — as they’re going off to war.

This raises two questions:

  1. What hap­pened to mil­i­tary trans­port? And
  2. How many of these air­lines are chaired and owned by Republicans with “Support Our Troops” mag­nets on their SUVs?

You’d think there would be a lit­tle more patri­o­tism and class amongst our air car­ri­ers — but their anonymity in this case, cou­pled with the way Cheney et. al. have very care­fully kept aware­ness of our two-​​front war from the minds of most Americans, make it unsur­pris­ing that such thought­less behav­ior is going on.

Unsurprising, but still entirely disgusting.

Meanwhile a recent con­gres­sional report reveals that American cor­po­rate wel­fare is still going strong, even though we can’t afford national health insur­ance. Nearly two-​​thirds of US busi­nesses are not pay­ing income tax, and a lit­tle more than that per­cent­age in foreign-​​owned busi­nesses are also dodg­ing their fare share.

With the crush­ing war debts imposed upon our grand­chil­dren by the worst shit­bag admin­is­tra­tion in US his­tory, with infra­struc­ture col­laps­ing, with edu­ca­tion being tossed out the win­dow — still, we aren’t tax­ing the wealthy.

Perhaps the sec­ond amend­ment is a good thing after all.


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