Larry King, fif­teen, was shot quite dead at school last year by a class­mate who didn’t like to face the real­ity that King was gay.

Rather than put the blame where it belongs — on his mur­derer — King’s par­ents are suing his school because admin­is­tra­tors “per­mit­ted” him to show up in drag.

Of course, if the admin­is­tra­tors had not done so, they’d’ve been sued by the ACLU.

The fault for King’s death is imme­di­ately on the shoul­ders of his killer, Brandon McInerney. In a broader sense it’s on those who believe big­otry, homo­pho­bia and weasel phrases such as “hate the sin, love the sin­ner” are accept­able. Thus, in addi­tion to McInerney, I blame Fred Phelps, James Dobson, Jim Hartline and every other hate­ful, twisted wretch that gives courage to the troglodytes among us.

This might include King’s own par­ents, who very clearly didn’t under­stand their son. At all.


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