So now we know (and are shocked, I’m sure, to learn) that the “big­foot” “car­cass” was actu­ally a mon­key suit on ice.

It’s not the hoax that’s really the story here, though; it’s that the hoax­ters seemed to believe they’d be able to get away with it.

One of the two men in the fraud is a sher­iff, and damned well should have known what kind of foren­sic analy­sis his “corpse” would be put to. But both of these back­woods yokels seemed to be caught unawares by how quickly their story came apart. Just a few days after say­ing they’d offer hair (poly­ester fiber) and DNA (mon­key, opos­sum and some human) sam­ples for analy­sis, they saw their house of stu­pid­ity implode with total and stun­ning — to them — rapidity.

The igno­rance they dis­played in the face of early 21st cen­tury sci­ence — the rank moron­ism they betrayed at how well we can probe the nat­ural world to seek its secrets — is to me the real story behind the story.

What sad­dens me most is that this nation is crawl­ing with peo­ple even less intel­li­gent than these two are — and these peo­ple breed, and vote.


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