Micheline Calmy-​​Rey, the Swiss Foreign Minister, has gone on record say­ing that peace talks with Osama Bin Laden are the only way to effec­tively com­bat terrorism.

I have a major issue with that, and it’s not the obvi­ous one.1 OBL is a fig­ure­head; he doesn’t and wouldn’t speak for ter­ror­ists, not even in Qaeda. Reaching détente with him wouldn’t nec­es­sar­ily have any real effect on other ter­ror­ist cells, and that’s some­thing I’d expect the Swiss Foreign Minister to actu­ally know.

What is the answer? Good ques­tion, and though I still believe Iraq was a mis­take, I’m also cer­tain that appease­ment isn’t the way to go with this creep, nor his bas­tard minions.


1. The way to deal with OBL is, of course, to kill him in the most ghastly, painful and drawn-​​out way that can be devised. But in order to do that we have to cap­ture him. So I pro­pose we cap­ture his fam­ily, and slowly put each mem­ber of his fam­ily to death, until he surrenders.

Then we kill the fucker.


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