Here’s the AP on McCain. No shit.

John McCain embraces and expels Washington like an accor­dion player belt­ing out a song.

Squeeze in and he touts his vast knowl­edge of the cap­i­tal city. Draw out and he casts him­self a reformer bent on chang­ing its ways. […]

Squeeze in, and he’s the new cap­i­tal tour guide for his run­ning mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. […]

Draw out, and he’s never set foot in the city himself. […]

Squeeze in, and he’s got the Washington skill set needed to right the country’s Wall Street woes. […]

Draw out, and he dis­tances him­self from the admin­is­tra­tion of the Republican pres­i­dent who has endorsed him. […]

There are even times when McCain does both — squeeze in and draw out — in the same thought.

This is our fourth estate, peo­ple. Yours and mine. The first draft of history.

As I com­mented on Wonkette, this is not flex­i­bil­ity; it’s fur­ther evi­dence that McCain is a wind sock whose opin­ion matches the pre­vail­ing breeze in the room. That, or it’s the onset of demen­tia — but he’s been doing this for years. Years.

John McCain is like an old grand­dad rock­ing in a rock­ing chair on the porch. “When I was your age every­thing cost a nickel!” He rocks for­ward. “You could buy a house for one hun­dred dol­lars.” He rocks back­ward. “And you could get real cocaine in your Coca-​​Cola!” He rocks for­ward. “And it only cost ONE NICKEL!” He rocks backward.

We need not just a lower age limit for politi­cians, but an upper one as well.


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