It’s fas­ci­nat­ing to me to hear McCain and Obama expound on pol­icy, as though they were already elected and dic­tat­ing to con­gress. One of them surely will be, but the hubris required to behave as though you’ve already won is gen­uinely — well, entertaining.

McCain is now say­ing that he would “pre-​​emptively” strike (that is, incite war with) Iran if that nation were to obtain a nuclear weapon.

Isn’t that a bit, well, lateish? I mean, isn’t that the biggest rea­son we haven’t attacked Pakistan or North Korea (at least not directly)? Isn’t there just the slight­est con­cern that a nuke-​​possessing nation might, oh I don’t know, actu­ally use its nukes?

Jesus. In try­ing to mav­er­ick his way around the Bush Doctrine, that dod­der­ing old god­damned fool man­ages to get it com­pletely wrong. Why is it that no one in the “lib­eral media” is pub­li­ciz­ing this shit?


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