The Dallas (TX) school dis­trict laid off hun­dreds of teach­ers and moved hun­dreds more on Thursday — in order to fore­stall an $84mln bud­get short­fall that was the result of math error.

Apart from the irony of effect-​​and-​​cause here, this is a clear case where you ignore the num­bers, damn the bud­get, and forge ahead with nec­es­sary ser­vices. Such as edu­cat­ing the young to keep them from future upfuck­eries of this nature.

Remember, folks. This is the same state that wants cre­ation­ism taught as sci­ence, and that gave us eight spec­tac­u­lar years of George Walker Bush.

I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


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