Couple weeks back news sur­faced that Pepsi was plan­ning to change their logo from the stan­dard roundel-​​with-​​a-​​stripe to some­thing … well, lop­sided and fugly. Brand New has the scoop, and wow, is this thing just bad.

Pepsi alleges that the mark is meant to resem­ble a “smile”. Well, it doesn’t. It’s off bal­ance, the pro­por­tions are wrong, and there’s far too much ten­sion imposed by the neg­a­tive space between the over­hang of the red/​black above the blue.

There was a 30-​​second ver­sion cre­ated over at Typographer that, frankly, is infini­ties better:

See what hap­pens when you out­source your board of direc­tors and CEO?


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