On Friday night, while the entire uni­verse (or at least a good chunk of the US) was out trick-​​or-​​treating, a 22-​​year-​​old ex con with a his­tory of drug con­vic­tions used an AK-​​47 to shoot and kill a twelve-​​year-​​old boy who came knock­ing with his family.

The “ratio­nale” offered by Quentin Patrick was that he’d been robbed before and didn’t want it to hap­pen again.

It was Friday, October 31. Halloween. At 8:30 PM — prime trick-​​or-​​treat time.

Some peo­ple shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms. Some peo­ple shouldn’t be allowed in the pres­ence of civ­i­lized soci­ety. And some peo­ple should be doused in kerosene and set alight.


Last week it was widely reported that a 23-​​year-​​old woman in Somalia was stoned to death by cow­ards fol­low­ers of Islam. They killed her, pur­port­edly, for adul­tery — but her claim was that she’d been raped. (Of course in a nation ruled over by extreme fun­da­men­tal­ism, vic­tims’ claims — par­tic­u­larly if they come from women — are gen­er­ally ignored.)

It turns out the vic­tim was not a 23-​​year-​​old woman, which is bad enough — she was a thirteen-​​year-​​old girl.

Hooray for author­i­tar­ian Abrahamic reli­gions — they keep our daugh­ters chaste! Barring that, they kill them!


Lastly, Pakistani police have bro­ken up a wedding.

The nup­tials were actu­ally arranged, intended to end a feud between two fam­i­lies. That’s bad enough, really — though of course Shakespeare1 wrote an entire drama around a sim­i­lar idea — there are cer­tainly many mar­riage “defend­ers” in the US (such as those sup­port­ing the exe­crable Proposition 102 in Arizona) who would sug­gest such a mar­riage is not ideal; there might be some who sup­port the notion as well.

So why did Pakistani author­i­ties intervene?

The groom was seven; his bride-​​to-​​be, four.

Let’s remem­ber: Marriage is a sacred insti­tu­tion that’s worth pre­serv­ing. Right?


1. Or whomever.


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