In case you’re won­der­ing exactly why you should vote, or in case you’re sneak­ing sips of the heady nepenthe of vic­tory already, I should remind you that inbreds, mouth-​​breathers and those with a sur­feit of chro­mo­somes still sham­ble among us, as in the case of the Jacksonville (FL) area:

After hear­ing about three hours of pub­lic com­ments, Duval County School Board mem­bers voted 5–2 to the retain the name of Nathan Bedford Forrest High School. The board’s two black mem­bers cast the only votes to change the name.

Nathan Forrest was a slaver, and idol­ized by the same types of tard who seem to think that the Confederate flag is an emblem of his­tory.1

Board mem­ber Tommy Hazouri voted to keep the name and said it is dif­fi­cult to know “who the real Forrest is.”

No, not really, Mr. Hazouri. Forrest was a slaver, and a Klansman, and the school was named after him in the 1950s as a form of protest against deseg­re­ga­tion. That the dis­cus­sion about chang­ing the school’s name broke as it did is not half so sick­en­ing as the fact there had to be any dis­cus­sion at all.

This is what we’re up against, folks; and you can be sure that if you were to poll those seven board mem­bers, five of their pres­i­den­tial votes would not be going to “that one”, pos­si­bly because, as mealy­mouths such as Hazouri remind us, it’s “dif­fi­cult to know” when one refuses to admit to one’s own bigotry.

It is the year 2008. It is time for this horse­shit to cease.


1. Much as, one sup­poses, the Nazi flag is a mark of Germany’s national pride in its own heritage.


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