Oh wait, wrong headline.

I watched BBC America last night for the results, while read­ing a copy of the Apocrypha Discordia — truly the only appro­pri­ate way to wait for elec­tion news.

For me the high­light of the evening — before the 333-​​vote tally at 9:30 or so — was John Bolton mak­ing an ass of him­self with Matt Frei, et. al. He was rude, argu­men­ta­tive and bel­liger­ent — and clearly out of touch with both real­ity and the civ­i­lized sen­si­bil­i­ties of those who sat near him. That Bolton was Bush’s pick as Ambassador to the UN says as much about his “pres­i­dency” as any­thing else.

The down­side, of course, is that we have 75 more days of shitty judg­ment from the Oval Office to go.


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