For a nation that claims to fol­low the Abrahamic god, even though they’re mis­guided enough to believe the Koran rather than the One True Writ,1 the peo­ple of Yemen are no more respect­ful of the millennia-​​old sacred tra­di­tion of mar­riage than are a bunch of rainbow-​​flag-​​waving fairies out on Castro.

What’s got my knick­ers in a knot? The utter dis­re­spect Yemeni fam­i­lies are show­ing to the vaunted and holy insti­tu­tion of mar­riage by enabling divorce with­out con­test, based merely on the asi­nine “fact” that one of the part­ners in the mar­riage is, tech­ni­cally, prepubescent.

[Nine-​​year-​​old] Arwa is the youngest of three Yemeni girls who recently went to court com­plain­ing they were mar­ried against their will and ask­ing for divorce — an aston­ish­ing dis­play of defi­ance that has prompted the gov­ern­ment to review its law on early marriage.

Naturally, it’s fem­i­nism that’s at the core of this,2 though we can’t rule out the pos­si­bil­ity of a lurk­ing Homosexual Agenda or two as well.

With any luck the sup­port­ers of CA Prop 8, AZ Prop 102 and FL Prop 2 will troop over there and show those Yemeni whin­ers a thing or two about the sanc­tity of marriage.


1. Principia Discordia.

2. Because, of course, it’s only the girls who seem to have an issue with the whole arrange­ment. Figures! Sheesh.


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