I’m not about to try to min­i­mize the Muslim-​​backed insan­ity in Mumbai; I just thought I’d point out that Islam isn’t the only Abrahamic reli­gion that has a vir­u­lent fun­da­men­tal­ist streak. While this poster adver­tis­ing a bible camp in New Delhi isn’t as totally obnox­ious as some Christard efforts I’ve seen, it’s up there.

If you don’t want to come for the camp, you can go to hell. Really.”

Yep. This all-​​powerful god of theirs is so weak he has to resort to petty, child­ish threats to get worshipers.

Well, given the exe­cu­tion of the graph­ics, it appears his fol­low­ers truly are made in his image.


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