Right, the excommunication-​​then-​​redemption of Bishop Richard Williamson is all over the news, the lat­est being that he can get back into the fold if he recants his denial of the Holocaust.

The Vatican demanded Wednesday that a bishop who denied the Holocaust recant his posi­tions before being fully admit­ted into the Roman Catholic Church.

I can only imag­ine that the topic of the Holocaust is a sen­si­tive one to the cur­rent Pope, who — as we all know by now — was in the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany. In one sense, then, deny­ing the real­ity of the Holocaust is a bit like deny­ing part of the Pope’s own past. Invalidating his per­sonal his­tory. (That it’s a his­tory he might not want brought up is, of course, irrelevant.)

(Or is it? One pre­sumes he joined the Hitlerjugend not by choice, but largely due to peer pres­sure. It was what was expected of youths at the time. How vol­un­tary was his enlist­ment? Today we tend to excuse young teen boys for crimes they might com­mit owing to their lack of fore­sight and insight. Is it fair, then, to bring up the Pope’s own dis­tant past? Or was it that very his­tory which seemed to cause the slow and tone-​​deaf reac­tion to Williamson’s views?)

Wonder how that con­ver­sa­tion went.

@bish: There was no Holocaust.

@ratzi: OMG srsly?

@bish: Tellin ya man, its true.

@ratzi: D00d I was there!!!1! Saw it happen!

@bish: No way.

@ratzi: Way. You’d bet­ter clean up yr act or no more wine’n’wafers 4U.

@bish: Sry. :‘(

@ratzi: kthxbai.


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