Over at Cagle’s, Gary McCoy unleashed a kilo­word worth of duh. Either this car­toon is eight years out of date and has essen­tially been reis­sued with a new cap­tion, or McCoy is pathet­i­cally, hope­lessly out of touch.

This level of clearly will­ful blind­ness to real­ity just makes my head hurt.

1. Saddam Hussein was not the author of the attacks on the US on 11 September, 2001. He was in no way what­so­ever involved. This is a well-​​documented and irrefutable fact.

2. There were no WMDs in Iraq. That this was known by US intel­li­gence before we invaded is also now well-​​documented. We were sold a war on a pack of lies. (Well, I wasn’t; I never trusted Bush on that and went on record as say­ing so as far back as 2002.)

3. The US was allied with Iraq in the 1980s, under Reagan’s pres­i­dency. Our killing of Saddam Hussein was essen­tially an act of betrayal by an erst­while friend.

4. While it’s true that Hussein was respon­si­ble for an attempted geno­cide in his nation, this was not enough of an issue to the Republican con­trolled leg­is­la­ture under Clinton in the 1990s to press war. The out­rage still exhib­ited now by war­mon­gers rings quite hollowly.

5. Our pres­ence in Iraq has caused more harm than good. We had no busi­ness invad­ing, and we pro­vided a foothold for Qaeda mil­i­tants to find pur­chase and sprout their vir­u­lent infec­tions. Had we instead boosted our pres­ence in Afghanistan, we would have found a staunch ally against Qaeda in Hussein’s government.

No amount of asi­nine draw­ing can pos­si­bly cover the epic fail­ure of Bush’s plans on Iraq, polit­i­cally, socially, mil­i­tar­ily, eco­nom­i­cally and in terms of plain com­mon sense. Furthermore, sug­gest­ing Obama would be respon­si­ble for the deaths of inno­cents, while not trea­so­nous, is deeply intel­lec­tu­ally dis­hon­est — par­tic­u­larly since with­drawal is clearly what the major­ity of Americans want. We want our boys and girls home safe. McCoy appar­ently wants to keep on see­ing them get killed, or killing them­selves in hope­less des­per­a­tion.

I’m not sure where, exactly, Mr. McCoy thinks he gets off, but I sure as hell wish he would.


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