This is just plain weird.

Now many, many, many of you might look at this and think oh, win­ter, so what?

Well, this is what the land­scape more nor­mally looks like.

I’ve seen it snow here a few times, but only a few. I can’t recall it ever snow­ing sub­stan­tially more than once in the same win­ter sea­son, and I cer­tainly can’t recall get­ting a solid 4-​​inch-​​plus accu­mu­la­tion in a twelve-​​hour stretch that stuck.

The streets were dif­fi­cult, as one might expect, made more so by the odd clown or two in a 4×4. Those yahoos always believe they’re enti­tle to tail­gate, speed and just gen­er­ally be hat­ted by ass because of their Manly Range Mobiles. Well, those are also the ones that end up in the ditch.

Though the rather sur­pris­ing weather did make the work cam­pus rather pretty this morning.


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