I’m work­ing on start­ing a stu­pid meme, derived partly from Harvey Birdman: Ending dif­fer­ent thoughts with “…in my pants.”* A sort of com­bi­na­tion of Bulwer-​​Lytton and ado­les­cent humor, as in, “It was a dark and stormy night … in my pants.” The only real rule is that it’s got to be a rec­og­niz­able lit­er­ary reference.

I men­tioned this at a gath­er­ing of nerdish and odd­ish types this week­end at a friend’s house. Several in my pantses went around** such as “O Romeo, Romeo, where­fore art thou? In my pants?”, “And the raven, never flit­ting, still is sit­ting, still is sit­ting … in my pants”, and so on. But it was the friend that came up with the best of the lot: I think, there­fore I am … in my pants.

Somehow the GF man­aged to tol­er­ate (actu­ally enjoy) most of it. That was nice, and a bit sur­pris­ing. But The Moment arrived when, as we were sit­ting down to throw down some Magic — she actu­ally joined in, but that’s not it — and she needed a life counter.

She asked for a d20.

No, lis­ten. She actu­ally said, “I need a d20.”

Those of you who are male and know what a d20 is know what that moment meant. The rest of you — you’ll just never grasp it.

So my friend’s eyes bug out, he looks like he’s hav­ing a seizure, and I look over at him, nod and say, “…in my pants.”


* Derived from some­thing set up at first by Black Vulcan, and a phrase that recurs in the series:

Harvey: Mr Vulcan, tell us about your super­power.
Black Vulcan: Pure elec­tric­ity … in my pants.
Harvey: Tell us, what would life be like with­out your pow­ers?
Black Vulcan: Well, you know when the power goes out in your house? It would be like that … but in your pants.

** In my pants.


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