For the NV100, Samsung is try­ing to illus­trate how crisp its cap­tures are by a pos­si­bly clever, and cer­tainly notice­able, cam­paign. They’ve got images show­ing peo­ple cap­tured in a split sec­ond, so fast that their bod­ies appear to be bisected:

The imagery is effec­tive and star­tling, and cer­tainly arrests your atten­tion. But in the series of ads, they did some­thing that is gen­uinely obtuse.

Given the num­ber of sol­diers being killed in fool­ish and unnec­es­sary war­fare today, and given the fact that at least some of them end up being quite lit­er­ally bisected, and espe­cially given that the ad agency (Cheil Worldwide, New Delhi, India) had sev­eral other images to use, I have to ask what the hell they were think­ing in using this one.

To be asso­ci­ated even tan­gen­tially with slic­ing sol­diers in half doesn’t seem like an effec­tive mar­ket­ing tool, unless you’re out to sell to the Qaeda.


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