This is the third year run­ning that I’ve man­aged to pick up an Aster award for an ad I’ve done. They divide the awards by type of facil­ity and type of sub­mis­sion, and this year’s award was a sil­ver for the following.

Spine Doctor. Enclicken to embiggen.

In the cat­e­gory this ad ran under (hos­pi­tal 150–299 beds, sin­gle news­pa­per ad), the bronze and gold win­ners were agency sub­mis­sions — the bronze com­ing from none other than Della Femina. It’s nice to know I can com­pete and hold my own on that level, par­tic­u­larly since I’m not an agency; I’m just me and my interestingly-​​addled pâté.

I don’t think I’ve men­tioned the last cou­ple years before, so why not. Each of these also picked up sil­vers in 2008 and 2007, respec­tively. I have yet to reach the gold, but hey, I’m not that picky.

Women’s Health Fair.

Getting Through the Holidays.

Of course it’s already reward­ing to be doing this kind of work for a non­profit, since every­thing we make beyond oper­at­ing costs goes right back into ser­vice. That’s a pos­i­tive boon to the com­mu­nity, and con­sid­er­ably more desir­able than pump­ing money into some share­holder accounts some­place. Nevertheless, it’s also nice to be rec­og­nized as being not too shabby in my field as well.

EDIT: I should add that Dr. Sullivan liked his ad so much that he got it printed poster-​​sized to hang on the wall in his wait­ing room.


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