Fox’s obses­sion with mus­tard vari­eties in re Obama’s cheese­burger might have called your atten­tion away from a few other things wor­thy of note.

It’s not necrophilia if you’re dead, too.

You know those inter­est­ing sculpture/​exhibition dis­plays of actual human bod­ies that have been pre­served and put into fas­ci­nat­ing poses? The lat­est round fea­tures some exam­ples of the bod­ies in sex­ual posi­tions. Some peo­ple are offended by it1 but the dis­plays are not illegal.

Who is going where?

The Nazi Pope is in the Middle East! This is the first visit by the Vatican since JPII in 2000! And his was the first visit to a Muslim land by Catholics since 1272, and that … oh, wait.

Let’s remem­ber, seri­ously, that this is the same guy who has made some aston­ish­ingly tone-​​deaf com­ments about both Muslims and Jews. And now he’s right in the mid­dle of their home­lands. This ought to be pretty god­damn funny to watch.

Don’t tell the Bilderbergers

Finally there appears to have been a sur­vey taken by the Boston Review, which is being bruited about now by Iranian state media, that seems to indi­cate fully 1/​3 of Americans sur­veyed believe “the Jews” are behind everyone’s woes.

No indi­ca­tion was made of method­ol­ogy, sam­ple size or sam­pling tech­niques, so this could just as eas­ily have been an online poll skewed by a sin­gle Skinhead with a few script skills and not enough snuff porn to mas­tur­bate to. That doesn’t stop far too many peo­ple from tak­ing it seriously.

Knowing how the US stands in other areas, I’d expect the per­cent­age of the abysmally abjectly stu­pid to be much closer to 25% or so.2

(Followup: The Iranians didn’t bother to offer a ref­er­ence link to source mate­r­ial, which is more than a lit­tle sleazy of them. The Review’s meth­ods are nicely fisked by sev­eral commenters.)


1. Why? There is no sim­ple way to answer that ques­tion, but in brief, it’s because they’re fuck­ing morons.

2. That was the per­cent­age of peo­ple who still showed sup­port for Bush even when his rat­ings were at their low­est. See foot­note 1.


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