I know, I know. Beasts of Delphos. I know! I will get back there. Crossconversting some parts of the text to HTML proveth tricky. Besides, I spent most of this week down with what I strongly sus­pect was the flu, and not just any flu, but H1N1 itself.

Why? Well, it hit me fast, and it hit me hard. Wasted no time at all stam­ped­ing directly into my lungs, and it par­tied there most might­ily. It cer­tainly wasn’t a cold, and given the pan­demic sta­tus of novel H1N1, well, you know. The odds are in my favor, if you want to look at it that way.

Anyway, I’m look­ing at some pos­si­bil­i­ties for a logo rework on some­thing, and drew a cou­ple things into my trusty Moleskine at the local café this evening. I fig­ured I’d share them with you. To begin, we have a quail.

Naturally this is the inked rough. In final form, if we decide to use it, I’d end up essen­tially trac­ing the shape out in Illustrator so it would be pure vec­tor start-​​to-​​finish. As you can see, I’ve been inspired by* local abo­rig­i­nal art.

Here, we have some mountains.

Same kind of deal. These are actu­ally more or less rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the kinds of mountains/​hills/​bluffs/​promontories we have around here — a car­i­ca­ture of the land­scape, in a way. This is hinted at in my acute phys­i­cal rehab ad; while we do have a local moun­tain range, this city is actu­ally in a basin amid sev­eral moun­tain regions, and so what you see locally is typ­i­cally a semi-​​eroded mesa sur­rounded by allu­vial dross and basin-​​fill.

Why was I scrib­bling this on a Friday evening? Well, we may or may not see, fairly soon. More pro­saically, what seemed to be a casual dead­line (“Oh, a month or two”) has rather sud­denly con­cretized into the mid­dle of next week. Eep. It’s a damn good thing I’m damn good.

Meanwhile, I have a good start­ing point to dis­cuss my process, once I get more involved in that process. At the moment it’s no more evolved than these sketches, of course. The real fun won’t begin until Monday, when I start scan­ning and rough­ing out some comps.


* This is a euphemism for “I shame­lessly ripped off the design and artistry of a much older and often-​​venerated cul­ture to suit my own ends.” Lest you think this some­how cre­atively dis­hon­est of me, please do note that the Romans started it by co-​​opting Greece, Egypt and pretty much every­one else they liked/​conquered.

Not say­ing it’s a good thing. Just saying.


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