Part of Indonesia has joined the great enlight­en­ment by pass­ing a ston­ing law for adul­tery. Good! Because if there’s one thing that stu­pid men with small penises can’t pos­si­bly con­done, it’s their wives boink­ing other men. (Offhand I don’t know of any man who has ever been killed under any adul­tery law anywhere.)

It’s also now ille­gal — and pre­sum­ably pun­ish­able by equally-​​tolerant means — to be gay, get drunk or gam­ble. So there go all my week­end plans.

But it’s not just hap­pen­ing in Indonesia. In Yemen, it’s legal to marry a child. Recently, a twelve-​​year-​​old girl there endured three days of excru­ci­at­ing labor, where­upon she and the baby died. There have been attempts to pass laws plac­ing min­i­mum mar­riage age at sev­en­teen, but the laws are meet­ing oppo­si­tion from those who fear they con­tra­dict Sharia.

Muslims, this is your reli­gion on dis­play here.

What do you intend to do to fix these problems?


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