You could spend umpteen skil­lion hours deal­ing with Adobe, or you could give this a shot.

I have all the sys­tem require­ments in place. Mac OSX.4.11 or later. Plenty of RAM. Dual core fast box, even if it’s not Intel, but the Motorola chipset.

So when I try to run the Flash CS4 installer, it just hangs. I get a blank win­dow say­ing “Installer Alert”, but no con­trols, no mes­sage, nothing.

What to do?

Well, after 30 min­utes lis­ten­ing to on-​​hold music from Adobe’s tech sup­port, and another fif­teen min­utes telling the rep I will not cre­ate a new user account just for CS4, and will absolutely not for­mat my hard drive for their damn asi­nine vec­tor ani­ma­tion engine, I found out what it was, sort of.

Flash CS4 doesn’t play nice with Safari 4+.

Their sug­ges­tion? Roll back to Safari 3.*


I think I men­tioned before that Adobe is really start­ing to piss me off in re upgrade cycles and sys­tem com­pat­i­bil­ity issues.

Anyway, it’s not just Safari. It’s also Firefox, and prob­a­bly any app you might have run­ning that uses Adobe AIR, such as TweetDeck. Might involve Opera too.

Quit them all, then run the Adobe Flash CS4 installer. Probably it’ll work then.

On the down­side, my work Mac (G5 PPC dual core, 4.5 GB RAM) now no longer han­dles PDF links appro­pri­ately in any browser.

Is Flash really that impor­tant to have? I think not.


* And this arro­gance is pre­cisely why Adobe is really start­ing to make me hate them. Have they learned noth­ing from Quark, or do they just not care?


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