They’ve had it with MS. Their Dell PC, six years old, can’t be upgraded to Win7. Even if it could, they’d have to back up, for­mat and rein­stall. Which, for the record, is a shitty stu­pid thing on Microsoft’s part. My upgrade curve from OS9 to OSX did not involve a sin­gle for­mat of the HD. At all. And that was nearly ten years ago, when Apple was trail­blaz­ing. MS has no excuse for this. None.

I was argu­ing for Ubuntu, but Mac won out in the end. The superb pric­ing on the Mini is part of what did it, but I’ve been hack­ing code longer than my nieces have even been alive, and that may have been a fac­tor as well. It was Linux or Mac, ulti­mately; they’re more or less totally dis­gusted with Redmond.

I did agi­tate for Ubuntu, but in the end, Apple won out.

Because, you know, it works. It just fuck­ing works.

Thanks, Bill, for prov­ing with Windows 7 what I’ve been say­ing for years. Now focus your com­pany on XBox, Windows Mobile, and Microsoft Foundry. You’re excel­lent there. Keep it up. Cede the desk­top to your betters.


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