So many pres­sures from so many fronts lately, and I for­got about this, this thing I saw.

I’m not sure why I…

So I was tod­dling off to get shots of our imag­ing mag­nets, which aren’t inter­est­ing since they resem­ble, mostly, plastic-​​wrapped donuts large enough to drive a bike through.

But our cam­pus is sprawled, and I had to cross sur­face streets to get to my…

I wasn’t sure I was right when I saw them. It seemed … either improb­a­ble, or… Here? In this town? Really?

As I walked along and they walked along, here in the mid­dle of our small town, I saw it was true.

They were in their late teens, or early twen­ties, and they were walk­ing along, and I nod­ded at them as they passed.

Two boys, hold­ing hands.

I paused for a moment and stared after them, my Nikon D50 in my hand.

You’d have to know the town to know why I was paralyzed.

For a moment, for just a moment, as the lovers passed me, I knew I was not alone.

But … that used to be me. Holding hands with my boyfriend, walk­ing down the street, cer­tain and immortal.

Where did it go? That con­fronta­tional, fear­less flame?


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