A local high school sold us space for an ad in their annual, and what I did for it at first might be inap­pro­pri­ate accord­ing to some, but it sure as hell would be a thing to see in a year­book.* It’s sup­posed to be an ad for our fit­ness cen­ter, try­ing to con­vince the grad­u­ates to attend.

You can never say I don’t know my demo­graph­ics. Nor, for that mat­ter, my phal­lic sym­bols.**

Too bad it was scotched in favor of a less … inter­est­ing design. Oh well, maybe next year.

(BTW, I didn’t just slap this thing together. That’s fif­teen years’ expe­ri­ence there. This is my job, kids. One image, three words, and a logo. And you’re not going to for­get it. Think about that. Where do you want to work out?)


* “Parents would object.” Meh. They object to every­thing, if it’s any fun.

** Or, at the very least, where eyes scan.


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