He did this in the 90s. Just a bit of Bowie to coun­ter­bal­ance the Elfman.


Baby Grace is the vic­tim; she was four­teen years of age.
And the wheels are turn­ing, turn­ing, for the fin­ger points at me.

But I have not been to Oxford Town.
No I have not been to Oxford Town.

Toll the bell; pay the pri­vate eye. All’s well.
Twentieth Century dies.

And the prison priests are decent. My attor­ney seems sin­cere.
I fear my days are num­bered.
Lord, get me out of here.

This is your shadow on my wall. This is my flesh and blood. This is what I could’ve been.

And the wheels are turn­ing and turn­ing as this Twentieth Century dies.

If I had not ripped the fab­ric
If time had not stood still
If I had not met Ramona
If I’d only paid my bill

This is my bunk with two sheets. This is my food, though foul. This is what I could have been?


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