A devel­oper known as “Briask” cre­ated a Joomla! mod­ule called ImageSlideShow, which works nicely, except that it insists on insert­ing an alpha fade effect between images, even if you’ve set the tran­si­tion delay to 0.

This means that if (for instance) you’re using one of those Cisco flat panel-​​Web enabled dis­plays, the image tran­si­tions can really start to chug, because the CPU can’t han­dle the transitions.

I man­aged to mod the JavaScript on it, so now it won’t do that any more.

The devel­oper indi­cated he would put that on his to-​​do list for the next revi­sion — but he said so back in November of 2008. So I’m not hold­ing my breath.

Here’s the mod­ded ver­sion. It’s prob­a­bly an inel­e­gant hack, but WTF. It works.



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