Lots of com­plaints about how iPad doesn’t mul­ti­task any more than iPhone 3GS.

Okay, so, well. My machine is jail­bro­ken, and has a mul­ti­tasker in it. It’s about 5% more con­ve­nient than it used to be. If I unin­istalled the mul­ti­tasker, frankly, I’d barely notice. I use Orbit almost every time I trig­ger my phone. Multitasker? Hardly ever.

What things, pre­cisely, do you detrac­tors want to mul­ti­task on iPhone, or on iPad, that you think you’ll be miss­ing? Endgadget was whin­ing about how they want to play videos while IMing. That is not mul­ti­task­ing; that is attention-​​switching.

What mul­ti­task­ing things do you do now, with a desk­top sys­tem, that you think you need to have on iPhone, with its lit­tle screen (video and IM on the same 320×240? Come on), or that you believe you’ll be miss­ing on iPad?

Play your cards. Show your faces. Put up, or shut up.


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