Not lit­er­ally, of course, but I do believe that I men­tioned I was less than happy with some of the car­i­ca­tures I posted yes­ter­day. I patched them — had to. It was eat­ing at me. Eating at me like a wee tiny toothy lit­tle hor­rid lep­rechaun with a rat­tish over­bite and hal­i­to­sis on par with the rec­tum of a dis­eased pigeon.

Well, all right, maybe not that much, but it bugged me. So I unbe­fuck­u­lated Mickey a bit, and tweaked Hawkeye. In the pre­vi­ous ver­sion he looked a hell of a lot more like Gregory Peck than Alan Alda. I think I’m closer to it here.

Also, did you know Bill Murray’s eyes are blue? Neither did I until I looked really close. Shame on me for fudg­ing it.


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