Because that’s cur­rently my net­work access point.

Spirit (re-)jailbroke 3.1.3, and Cydia and Rock remem­bered all the JB apps I’d installed — even the for-​​pay ones — which is spec­tac­u­larly nice, thank you very much; and benm​.at pro­vided a work­ing AT&T teth­er­ing hack. (Which I don’t think you need to JB for, but I did any­way, cause that’s how I roll, mah niggaz.)

On the upside, I can con­nect pretty much any­where now, even if my tor­rents are func­tional only on an as-​​needed basis. Also, I got Categories back, because an iPhone with­out fold­ers is just plain tarded.

On the down­side, my cable provider’s net access is hosed — again — so with­out my 3G cov­er­age,* I’d be totally dark right now. My teth­ered iPhone is slow, but Tango Foxtrot. 60K/​sec is far supe­rior to 0K/​sec.

Look. Tin cans and string are a lot of fun when you’re six. I expect a bit bet­ter from an ISP that I’m pay­ing $160 a month for. I think I’ve just about had it with NPG.

I think I’m okay. It seems that I wasn’t the only gmail user to have some account-​​cracking issues a while back, but I sup­pose time will be the real test on this one. If you start get­ting mys­te­ri­ous ran­dom links to obscure porn sites or Canadian phar­ma­cies from me, please let me know right away. Especially if it’s porn. (Be sure to write down the URL and send it along. For, you know, more thor­ough inves­ti­ga­tion. Because we all know how rare porn is on the inter­net. That’s why so many men spend so much time, every day … inves­ti­gat­ing it.)


* On an unlim­ited data plan I’m pay­ing for, AT&T, so why the flam­ing hell are we (the US) the only major indus­tri­al­ized nation that doesn’t have iPhone teth­er­ing? Hmm? Can’t fig­ure out how to meter it? Here’s a hint for you. Look up the def­i­n­i­tion of unlim­ited some­time. Fuckwads.

You wanna know what makes teen boys into crack­ers and phreaks? Bullshit rules like this. That’s what.


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